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Convert given amount in euro. You can make conversion from euro to another currency - and from another currency to euro. Exchange rates are updated from European Central Bank (26.5.2017).

graph euro vs us dollar
us dollar
1,1196 USD
graph us dollar
japanese yen
124,38 JPY
graph japanese yen
bulgarian lev
1,9558 BGN
graph bulgarian lev
czech koruna
26,434 CZK
graph czech koruna
danish krone
7,4415 DKK
graph danish krone
pound sterling
0,8719 GBP
graph pound sterling
hungarian forint
307,4 HUF
graph hungarian forint
polish zloty
4,183 PLN
graph polish zloty
romanian leu
4,5568 RON
graph romanian leu
swedish krona
9,7275 SEK
graph swedish krona
swiss franc
1,0888 CHF
graph swiss franc
norwegian krone
9,4018 NOK
graph norwegian krone
croatian kuna
7,424 HRK
graph croatian kuna
russian ruble
63,7967 RUB
graph russian ruble
turkish lira
3,9963 TRY
graph turkish lira
australian dollar
1,5038 AUD
graph australian dollar
brazilian real
3,6609 BRL
graph brazilian real
canadian dollar
1,5077 CAD
graph canadian dollar
chinese yuan renminbi
7,6782 CNY
graph chinese yuan renminbi
hong kong dollar
8,7249 HKD
graph hong kong dollar
indonesian rupiah
14891,5 IDR
graph indonesian rupiah
israeli shekel
4,0008 ILS
graph israeli shekel
indian rupee
72,2175 INR
graph indian rupee
south korean won
1251,82 KRW
graph south korean won
mexican peso
20,6839 MXN
graph mexican peso
malaysian ringgit
4,779 MYR
graph malaysian ringgit
new zealand dollar
1,5856 NZD
graph new zealand dollar
philippine peso
55,729 PHP
graph philippine peso
singapore dollar
1,5479 SGD
graph singapore dollar
thai baht
38,122 THB
graph thai baht
south african rand
14,4108 ZAR
graph south african rand

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